To deliver an engaging literacy curriculum, that promotes children’s love for reading and enhances their written and oral communication.

Writing Progression Booklet

Pupils at Hunton take pride in their writing, challenging themselves to use a range of high level punctuation and taking time to consider, precise vocabulary choices. We use a number of techniques to help to increase the quality of writing across the school.


Every Picture Tells A Story

Obsidian clouds of a deep, dark atmosphere envelope. As we disembarked, the longships' axes and swords flung out; Anglo Saxons prayed for mercy. Screams of death surround me, raging waves burst against the solid rocks, anger and flames fill our eyes. We show no mercy, we are ferocious vikings, no one can stop us. Azure, blue water splashes and absorbs everything. Alabaster seagulls soar around us, shrieking as they deafen me, flattened sand flies in my eyes, foot prints tame the rough sand. Squelching in the crimson sea, blood stained my heavy leather boots. I carelessly swung my bloody axe and plunged it into his delicate body. Iris sky, thundered, Thor was angry, 'have we not done well, my God?' I wondered in my confused head, we slowly gained territory: we pushed them back. We were unstoppable.

Archie, year 6

I stared across the water, dark and uninviting in the moonlight, the many coloured lights in the distance made me shiver. Everyone else was sleeping, the silence was disturbing, all you could hear was the gentle puffing of smoke from the funnel of the boat and the icy, whistling wind. That morning I woke with a start, I had arrived at the city I had seen in the distance the night before. Cars zoomed past so fast, they were just a blur. I smelled the fumes of burning petrol as I waited on the side of the road for my taxi. Before I knew it, I had screaming voices behind me, why that's odd? I thought. One skyscraper was...

Harriet, year 6

As I land on the crooked, wooden floor, I leap up and look around the whole bedroom for something to spot that's interesting. I see a load of junk just sitting there waiting for something to pick up. There is broken, smashed TVs; rusty, historic creaking fold up chairs and muddy, dirty clothes folded up next to a tyre - it almost seems like somebody is definitely here . . .

Isaac, year 4

Finally, I decide to turn around and I see the strange creature, it looks clueless and starts to find me. 'Quit it!' I say and it starts sulking. I stare at it and it stares back at me with its bold, brown eyes. I ask gently , 'Is this your home?' It nods. It drags me to a rich, gold staircase with cold, freshly cleaned bannisters. 'Wow!' I cry at the majestic sight: thrones, china cups and an entwined chandelier!

Lavinia, year 3