What we do additionally to the curriculum?

What we do additionally to the curriculum?

With support from the local community and our proactive PTA, we have made improvements to an outdoor early years area; a set of planters to grow vegetables; a quiet area; an outdoor reading area and sensory garden and improvements to the pond area. The new areas are used frequently by children for science, learning about nutrition and giving pupils increased opportunities to develop their social skills which impacts positively on their physical and mental well-being.

Our SENCO is a former school improvement advisor for Kent in P.E, she has been working alongside staff providing high quality professional development for all teaching staff. All classes receive 2 hours of PE a week. We offer swimming lessons every 2 years in a 6-month block in years 3 and 4, as a result we have confident and successful swimmers by the end of year 4. We have an expectation that by the end of Year 4 pupils will be able to swim the statutory 25m. 

The school is proud of its participation in sport. The school regularly attends a number of collaboration and local run leagues and tournaments for a range of sports including multiskills, football, netball, cricket and hockey. These provide valuable opportunities for children to develop their sport’s skills, and their interaction with pupils from across different schools. Improving their social and physical well-being together ensuring a good level of self-esteem.

Good nutrition is equally as important as being active. Weekly cookery lessons take place in Reception and our close partnership with our school dinner providers allows us to raise the profile of healthy eating through class talks and workshops.

For the past 6 years, pupils in years 5 and 6 are offered the opportunity to attend a residential week which further develop pupil’s independence, resilience and problem-solving skills.

Awareness of their place in the world is key to children. Children take every opportunity to explore the local area and visit places around Kent and further beyond. These include visits to Sky Studios, Wingham Wild Animal Park, Kent Life, Maidstone Museum and Chessington as well as the local forest school.

Pupils are able to enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular clubs. These include: football, netball, table tennis, badminton, board games, coding club as well as Creepy Claws and Science.


As a result...

Pupils are given the opportunity to try out and attempt a variety of different sports and hobbies outside of the curriculum. As the clubs are for different age ranges, it also promotes social interaction between year groups. Within school, in a recent pupil survey, 88% of children stated they enjoyed learning at Hunton CEP School.


Therefore . . 

As our pupils leave us, they are well prepared for the next stage in their education. They will have been offered a range of opportunities to further develop independence, resilience and positively improve their social well-being. They will have experienced numerous responsibilities around the school and during year 5 and 6 lead church services and worship. Pupils have consistently achieved above the national average in reading, writing and Mathematics all of which are crucial for year 7 and beyond.